This was an Inside Number 9 episode that we watched as a supporting feature to Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

There was a lot to like here. The suburban setting for example, kid’s pictures on fridges and meticulously polished floors. Professional people home from work living their domestic half-lives. Spacious rooms and perfectly placed furniture. Perfectly cooked meals on a glass table top with large glasses of wine. A smooth surface with no ripples, until…

David (Reece Shearsmith) finds a single size 9 shoe on a grass verge near his house on the way home from a jog. From then on his life becomes devoted to finding the owner. In a life where symmetry is the central motif like it’s directed by Peter Greenaway, this odd asymmetrical spanner in the works knocks David and Louise’s (Keely Hawes) world off its axis.

At the end of the half hour we find out why.


Beautifully made with a keen attention to detail, the series harks back to the programmes we watched as kids. Things like Tales of the Unexpected, where each episode carried a common theme and style all the way through, yet each was an entity in itself.

Written by Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton we loved this. Short and snappy, but riveting and intriguing at the same time. You know there’s always a twist at the end, but which way will it twist? They clearly watch the same sort of films as we do.

Anyone lost a shoe?

Diddle Diddle Dumpling on the BBC iPlayer



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