This was an Inside Number 9 (Series 2: Episode 2) that we watched as a supporting feature to Wake Wood.

Christine (Sheridan Smith), dressed as a saucy nun, brings a fireman called Adam (Tom Riley) home from a New Year’s Eve party to the flat she shares with uptight Fung (Stacy Liu). Then the DNA helix of her life starts to inexplicably unravel, the connections become tangled and she transits from one perfectly pitched vignette to the next.

Before long Adam the fireman is asking where to put his CDs when he moves in? Then a baby is born. Then it’s her 30th birthday party and her dad is there along with other family members, but Alzheimer’s has left him inert. Then Adam leaves her. Then Dad turns up again to offer her solace, but this time he can speak coherently. Then…

‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me Mum, I’m getting everything jumbled up’.


We can’t fathom how these things connect and why we’re rushing headlong through this disarranged life. All the time in the background, turning up at incongruous moments and infiltrating the story is a weird stranger in a plastic rain mac (Reece Shearsmith).

Again the twist at the end is a collision of all that’s gone before and Christine’s destiny is revealed.

Worth watching twice. Firstly to enjoy the story as it stands. Secondly to fit each piece together and tie them into the end.

The 12 Days of Christine on the BBC iPlayer



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