An intriguing entry in the Scotland Yard, series filmed at Merton Park Studios and directed by Ken Hughes.

A kindly retired country vicar and his wife come to visit their son in London, but he isn’t there. Apparently he’s gone to France, but he isn’t there either. Then his mother has a weird dream involving a tree and an old building…

What makes this such a great episode is the dream sequence itself. It isn’t very often that these rather practical and utilitarian programmes feature a delve into the supernatural, but this one enters Twilight Zone territory with the tale of a missing man whose whereabouts come to light thanks to a subconscious vision.

The dream is filmed in negative. It’s really quite effective and atmospheric. As always the erudite Edgar Lustgarten bookends the story with his learned thoughts about crime and its consequences.

This episode hardly seems to be documented on the internet and images were quite hard to come by, so I just snapped the picture direct from the telly. That’s why it’s a bit fuzzy. It probably just adds to the mysteriousness though.


Perchance to dream


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