Every Tuesday night since time immemorial my good friend Chris Corner and I have sat down and watched a film in my living room in Whitby. I mean watched it properly like you do in the cinema, we’ve given them our full attention.

There are breaks in the year, for instance the summer holidays when the kids are off school, half terms, Easter, Christmas and suchlike, but whenever we can we keep our Tuesday evenings free to devote to the medium of film.

Film Nights start at 9pm with a hot mug of tea each, after all Chris has to walk to my house, and in the depths of a North Yorkshire winter the weather can be a little inclement. Then we drink beer. One film lasts for about two cans at the rate we drink.


The first Film Night is thought to have been on Tuesday 3rd February, 2009. The film was Night of the Demon (1957).

In the early days Film Nights were often hampered by malfunctioning technology. DVD players would refuse to work, if we were watching streamed content it would stop to buffer at a crucial moment or a cat would sit in front of the screen. However lately things seem to be a lot more reliable, touch wood.

On occasion, after the main feature we’ve watched various serials, one episode per week. These have included such classics as The Owl Service, Children of the Stones and Children of the Dog Star (a serial from New Zealand).

We sometimes schedule a short season of linked films, for example we recently enjoyed a string of Australian B movies. Some films have become Film Night classics in that we’ve seen them more than once. I’m thinking of Jerzy Skolimowski‘s The Shout (1978) and Jules Dassin‘s Night and the City (1950).

Never having documented our Film Nights before, we decided that this year would be as good a time as any to start, so we’ve created this blog.



3 thoughts on “ABOUT FILM NIGHT

  1. Like your style!..I love old , obscure and forgotten movies!…Two of my favourites are ” Lady in a Cage” …1964 ..Director Walter Grauman ..starring Olivia- De -Havilland and a young James Caan …. and “Where has Poor Mickey Gone?”..1964.. starring Warren Mitchell ….proper British “B” movie ..trying to get them on DVD for my collection !!

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    • Thanks for your support Ursula. You’re the first to comment on the blog.
      Those films you suggested sound great. We’ll maybe watch them in future film nights.
      “Where has poor Mickey Gone?” will probably be on Talking Pictures TV at some point, which is an absolute gem of a channel.
      Loads of obscure British oldies that you just can’t see anywhere else.

      Chris W


  2. You’re right Chris…”Where has poor Mickey Gone” was on Talking Pictures TV…I saw it the once and it was never repeated ( not yet ) ….I really like that channel, some real Golden Oldies …some weird and wonderful ones too….There used to be a Sky Movies channel a few years back that was great for foreign films…its gone now …mores the pity…I’ve just bought a copy of a Norwegian film called The Bothersome Man….its from 2006 but worth watching…very strange film…! …I’m going to give it to our Rich and Emma to watch….they like the same stuff as me!!… Keep me updated with anything you think I’d like..OK ..enjoy your night you two !!..Urs..

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